Carbon Rims




Spectre Brand is an Australian BMX company with a mission to produce only the highest-end BMX wheel components

At Spectre BMX, we are dedicated to crafting the finest BMX wheel components in the industry. Based in Australia, our mission is to deliver top-tier, competition-level BMX components to riders worldwide.

Discover Our High-End BMX Components:

Carbon BMX Rims: Experience unmatched performance and durability with our state-of-the-art carbon BMX rims. Engineered for strength and lightweight efficiency, our rims are designed to give you the edge in any competition.

Titanium BMX Spokes: Upgrade your ride with our premium titanium BMX spokes. Known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, our spokes provide the perfect balance of durability and lightweight performance, ensuring your wheels remain true under the most demanding conditions.

Join the Spectre BMX community and elevate your riding experience with the best in BMX technology. Browse our selection of carbon BMX rims, titanium BMX spokes, and other high-end components today.

Why Choose Spectre BMX?

Australian Design: Proudly designed in Australia, our products reflect the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Superior Performance: Every component we produce is engineered for maximum performance, helping you achieve your best on the track or street.

Trusted by Pros: Our products are trusted by top riders in the BMX world, even making an appearance at the Olympics, making Spectre BMX a name synonymous with excellence.